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Weight Loss

Medical Weight Loss Programs

Lose weight without feeling hungry or irritable

Medical Weight Loss Programs

Weight Loss

At Purity Medical Spa in Puyallup & Seattle we know one of the most important steps in gaining confidence about your body is your physique and more importantly your weight. To cut down your weight seems like a huge task to someone who has been habitual to environmental influences and larger food portions. There are a lot of people who have accepted their excessive body weight as a part of them, but it doesn’t have to be.

To help you lose weight, Purity Medical Spa has programs designed specifically for your individual needs.

You can lose weight and maintain it. We will help you cut down calories realistically, without feeling angry hunger pains or irritability.

Medication and a diet program will ward off any extra pounds.

Weight Loss Program Options

Start Losing Weight Today!

Women cannot be pregnant or nursing to be on this diet or take any of the above medications.

Dr. Alhafez


Dr. Fadi Alhafez is an asset that we take pride in and is the heart and soul of Purity Medical Spa. Dr. Alhafez has been practicing medicine since 2006. Under his navigation, it is Purity Medical Spa’s mission to make sure that a highly qualified team is recruited to provide you with the best skin-rejuvenation services that you could ask for. Specializing in Botox, filler, laser and other facial and weight-loss treatments, we are here to help you become more confident. It is our mission to make all our customers happy and satisfied with the best possible treatment using the latest technology.

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"I am so happy with my diet program! I have lost 40 pounds already."

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