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Stem Cell Sports Medicine

Stem Cell Sports Medicine

There are many types of stem cells and four main sources for obtaining them: adult cells, cord blood cells, amniotic fluid cells and embryonic cells. The collection and use of stem cells from amniotic fluid avoids any potential ethical concerns because they are harvested without any harm to the baby. Purity Medical Spa uses embryonic cells for both cosmetic beauty procedures as well as the body's joints and muscle therapies.

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Stem Cells for Joints, Muscles, Tendons, Cartilage


Do you experience Arthritis, Knee Pain, Shoulder Pain, Hand Pain, Hip Pain, Elbow Pain, Foot Pain or Ankle Pain?

Could Stem Cells Be Right For You?

Last year in the US there were 3.5 million total joint replacements and many millions of other joint surgeries. In increasing numbers, people are seeking non-surgical alternatives to joint surgery. Stem cell therapy is a great option for people who have been told they need joint replacement surgery. Stem cell therapy can potentially regenerate your joint and help you avoid joint replacement surgery.

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