Frequently Asked Questions

Microblading FAQ's

  • Feathering hair strokes onto your brows for the most natural looking semi-permanent brow tattoo

  • Lasts 18-24 months (results for oily skin may last 6-12 months before needing a color boost)

  • Brows will appear dark the first few weeks after procedure but will lighten up by 40%

  • Complementary touch up must be done within 4-6 weeks of procedure (first touch up is crucial to have long lasting results)

Microblading Services

If you are going to have Microblading done..

Then I urge you to visit Jennifer Blunt at Purity Medical Spa in Puyallup, WA.

I had Microblading done a year ago. I should have done my research because they turned out horrible. Luckily I found the right artist. Jennifer at Purity Medical Spa is an expert in her field. She is also a nurse which gave me comfort.

At my initial appointment I bugged her with a bunch of questions about different patterns and stokes. She answered professionally, honestly, and quickly every time.

I was so concerned before the appointment because In my experience this would be painful and I was embarrassed to be seen in public. The previous brow artist didn't use numbing cream. Because of this the process of application was very painful. I assumed that's how this appointment would go as well. I was so wrong! Jennifer uses medical grad numbing cream. That made my microblading appointment was pain free.

Jennifer was able to fix my brows and make them look surprisingly fabulous. She kept me informed during the whole process, and was so easy to talk to. Best decision I've made in a long time! I absolute LOVE my results and will recommend her to anyone looking to have their brows done!! They look so natural and beautiful, I'm so happy! Thanks Jennifer Blunt!

- Dionne Fredrick