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IV Hangover Cure

iv hangover cure_opt
iv hangover cure_opt


Introducing the Hangover Cocktail Cure

Monstrous hangover anyone? Then call Purity Medical Spa ASAP!! Don't waist one more minute hugging that porcelain god you call a toilet. Your face isn't supposed to be in there, Gross! Put on your big girl pants, or big boy pants and head over to Purity Medical Spa for the Hangover Cure. Or we can come to you at an additional cost.

This cocktail takes approximately 60 minutes to complete. It includes:


  • One liter of IV hydration
  • IV Nausea Medicine
  • IV Headache Medicine
  • IV Multivitamins  & Folic Acid
  • IV Anti-heartburn medicine
  • Intravenous electrolytes
  • B12 shot MIC- MIC Shots burn fat, speed up your metabolism, prevent cholesterol and build up / detoxify your body
  • Intravenous Thiamine (B1)

Price ranges from $60-$300 based on needed components.

*Travel fee is $100 per person with a minimum of 2 people equaling $200*

(With in a 20 Mile Radius of Purity Medical Spa in Puyallup)

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