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Body Sugaring & Waxing

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Body Waxing

Sugaring & Traditional Waxing

Purity Medical Spa Offers Premier Sugaring and Traditional Waxing Services.


Purity Medical Spa’s certified aesthetician and Sugaring specialists will detox the derma. Our Sugaring specialists will use a nurturing, organic skincare product with one of the salon’s specialty Sugaring or Traditional Waxing services.

We offer sugaring and waxing services to women and men

Traditional wax is heated to make it into a liquid and is applied hot. This can lead to accidental burns and even scarring. However, sugaring paste is applied at body temperature. It’s also easily removed with water. Sugaring only removes the hair its applied to and wont pull at your skin.  Sugaring allows hair to grow in slower and softer.

If you start doing sugaring regularly, your hair will become finer and thinner, and, eventually, will be almost not visible, much like a baby’s hair.

Our services for men and women include:

Brazilian, Partial Brazilian, Bikini, Face, Brows, Lip, Chin, Neck, Hairline, Underarms, Half Arms, Full Arms, Half Legs, Full Legs, Hands, Feet, Belly, Buttocks, Full Back, Half Back, Shoulders, Chest & Stomach.

Sugaring history

The body sugaring method of hair removal is originally considered to be an ancient Egyptian art, even purportedly used by Cleopatra herself! The Persian women were the first to approve a hairless body to be the epitome of beauty and youth. Persian women ultimately made use of a sugaring paste or wax made of sugar, water, and lemon for removing hair. The paste was applied in the direction of hair growth, covered with a piece of muslin cloth and pulled off when cooled. This ancient Egyptian art of hair removal has only recently been revived in the modern age, as smooth, hairless skin is the desire of a majority of women today.

After Care:

  • No lotions, no oils, no soothing serums.
  • Wait 24 hours before application of chemical exfoliants or any skincare treatments you may use.
  • Don’t spray tan for 48 hours. Spray tanning within the 48 hour window can result in orange dots in the deep newly hair free pores.
  • No repetitive motions: Wait 24 hours after sugaring before friction and sweat causing activities like exercise and intimate interactions. Schedule your next friction-filled activity for 24 hours later.
  • Wear a baggy, breathable outfit, or spend some time relaxing at home au natural.

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