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Hair Loss Treatment

hair regeneration

Stem Cell Therapy for Hair Restoration

Many men who experience hair loss desire treatment with hair transplantation for cosmetic reasons.  

It may be possible for balding trends to be reversed by the use of stem cell treatment in order to promote hair growth. However, these procedures don't always have the ideal outcomes that we hope for. By utilizing a patient's own stem cells, harvested from
their fatty tissue, we may be able to improve the success
rate of hair growth.

Stem Cells are used to regrow dead follicles — making hair production possible after baldness! Stem Cells facilitate excellent hair regrowth through its many growth factors and other beneficial cytokines. Amniotic fluid, and amniotic tissue products, are rich in cellular signally markers that stimulate tissue regeneration in the areas being treated. Amniotic fluid for hair loss is yet another example of how regenerative medicine is changing our lives and the future of healthcare.

hair loss

Hair Restoration is quick and simple.

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I love this place! Dr. Fadi is amazing, everyone in the office is so nice and helpful. Their customer service can not be beat. They are very informative on all the new trends, and definitely keep up on new products and research. If you have any questions or concerns Trisha will definitely be able to help you out! I will never go anywhere else!! -Jennifer

The best!! I've never felt so important and welcome... results are spectacular. The kind and caring staff, doctor and fabulous prices has made a lifelong customer (almost family/friend) out of me!! Best decision I've made in a long time was making the first phone call!! Thank you -Traci


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